Maximize your branding space just like Barbican!

Originally launched in 1982, Barbican has been proudly produced in Saudi Arabia and the UAE since 2005. As the drink of choice for the youth, Barbican, is one of the leading malt beverage brands in both market share and brand strength in the category.

Barbican has always stayed in tune with the youth of the region. It’s synonymous with being a brand that understands them and speaks their language. Barbican is courageous, chivalrous, loyal, genuine and open.

The latest member of the Barbican family is the Mocktail Range of products with flavors such as Pina Colada. Playing to its young audience, Aujan Coca-Cola has opted for a 360 degree bottle decoration – Multi-Color shrink sleeves!

Shrink Sleeve labels allow maximized branding space with a refreshing design. The label is printed in rotogravure on PET film using metallic inks to deliver an uncompromised premium image for the brand.

Shrink sleeves easily shrink to cover your entire container. Amplify your message with our customizable special effects like the metallic inks displayed on Barbican Pina Colada.

Additional benefits include high labeling efficiency, tamper evidence, protection against light and reduced risk of breakage.

Shrink sleeve labels use heat to shrink printed film to the contours of any container shape. This allows for 360-degree graphics, regardless of your container’s shape.



  • High labeling efficiency – suitable for glass, plastic and aluminum
  • Brilliant printing in up to 11 colors
  • Tamper evidence protection
  • Longitudal perforation
  • Seamless appearance


Maximize your branding with Multi–Color


Lars Schützenmeister

Sales Director Asia/ Pacific &

Middle East