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Equipment Solutions

MCC is a turnkey partner in packaging from concept to application. North America is the only printing and label converter that is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of automation equipment allowing us to provide a complete label and packaging solution. 
Dairy Labeler

We engineer and build the optimal application systems to handle your most demanding labeling challenge. Dispensing a label is easy, consistently presenting a product to the labeling head and wiping it down is where we work our magic.

MCC is known for award-winning graphics and the superior print quality of our clients' labels and packaging. To complete our "package", MCC's Equipment Solutions Group has become the industry's innovator in developing state-of-the art systems to accommodate product identification, tracking, and line automation. Our one stop solutions capability provides MCC’s team with a unique advantage of covering the total spectrum from the simple to the most complex requirements. MCC’s team has designed and provided complete turnkey systems for essentially every type of product handling system imaginable. Whether a standalone applicator or a fully automated distribution center, MCC can provide all of the details to assure that customer requirements are met and executed on time and within budget.

Equipped for success

MCC’s engineers and designs label application equipment to maximize your productivity. We serve markets from food and beverage to household products, personal care to over-the-counter health products, medical to wine and spirits. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver your label application solution across a broad platform of product categories and production environments.

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Powering our innovation to work for you

  • Product Labeling: front/back/wrap, top/botom, or singular side or redundant, we have the right labeling solution for your specific applications
  • Cameras: The Equipment Solutions Group is a distributor of some of the world's most advanced camera technology. Our cameras are used for verification, quality inspection, or simple presence dependant on your requirements.
  • Printer Applicators: A variety of printer applicators that can apply variable printed information from carton identifiers to shipping labels
  • Scanners: A variety of scanners that verify bar codes, send information down stream to direct product destination, or are customized to your need

What does your brand demand?

  • High-speed label application 
  • New-product trials
  • Expanding SKUs that require different sizes and label materials
  • Decorative labels that need to be applied anywhere - side, top, bottom, corner, or multiple sides
  • RFID technology or labels
  • Push a sales lift or product trial via couponing
  • On-pack and in-pack promotional campaigns

What does your production environment demand?

  • Smooth integration for plug-and-play flexibility of new equipment
  • Quick ramp-up to required speeds
  • Precise and consistent label placement
  • Flexibility to accommodate future line innovations in speed and efficiency
  • An established preventive maintenance and worn-parts replacement program that improves overall efficiency and eliminates unnecessary downtime

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