Gravure - Multiple Image

Variable printing for market differentiation
Gravure-Multiple Image

Multiple image labels create a point of differentiation for promotions, competitions and on-shelf standout.

Multiple images are created during pre-press, providing hundreds of different images in a single production run. This allows for collectible & variable images, suitable for promotions and competitions.

Multiple images can be produced using gravure printing technology whereby the variable images are mixed across the web to create the collectible, multi-image element. This provides a versatile solution for large run items while maintaining standard production speeds.

This solution is perfect for designer and promotion-driven (sports, music, etc.) labels. It has also been used successfully for competitions linked to social media.

Key features

  • Variable campaigns
  • Customer engagement
  • Targeted promotions
  • Versatility

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Indio collection

These unique labels were created by renowned Mexican artists presenting a variety of beautiful artwork.


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