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Customers across many industries are increasingly coming to MCC with questions about sustainability, reducing waste and ways to increase the likelihood that their packaging will be recycled.


Knowing that product sustainability will continue to be a top concern, our team continues to innovate and develop new ways for our labels to increase a product's sustainability factor. MCC can provide labels that allow packaging to be fully recyclable.

Reducing Waste

We have developed products and modified processes to reduce waste. Our teams have helped customers reduce material costs and logistical costs which lowers customer's expenses but also puts less resources in the supply chain to begin with.


Many factors dictate whether packaging can be recycled and the likelihood that it will. We understand most consumers have good intentions to recycle but that it also needs to be easy. Our products simplify this process and will increase the likelihood that a product's packaging will be recycled.

We continue to innovate, to develop sustainable solutions across all packaging categories. We have made it a priority and a focus for our development team to work on the next generation materials for each category.

Craig Bushman, Vice President Global Research & Development, MCC

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