Custom Foams, Gaskets and Insulators

Durable barriers to protect external or mechanical elements 

Discover our foam, gasket and insulator solutions

Foam and gaskets vary widely in material composition and thickness according to their applications, such as vibration reduction and sound dampening.

We supply an extensive range of precision die cut foam and gasket products to a wide variety of industries.

All products are tailored to your exact requirements and meet the highest quality standards in the industry. We can supply products based on your drawing and technical requirements, or our in-house design team can work with you to design a product that satisfies your requirements.

Our knowledge of materials, design expertise and manufacturing capabilities make us the preferred supplier to the medical, automotive, electronic and industrial sectors. All products are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.


    We have a broad range of thicknesses, hardness, densities and colors available to meet your needs. They can be supplied with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive backing.


    Gaskets provide reliable sealing, cushioning, and insulation in a variety of industrial or medical applications.


    An insulator does not conduct electrical or thermal current. This durable part is used to keep conductors in position, separating them from one another and from surrounding structures.

    Other products we supply:

    • Filters
    • Rubber/seals
    • Shielding
    • Medical-grade materials

    Key Features

    • Solves sealing challenges
    • Sound dampening
    • Vibration reduction
    • Temperature containment
    • Chemical resistance

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