High-Build/Super High-Build

Add a third dimension to your label with the use of tactile High-Build screens
Beerenberg-Strwberry-Rose-Jam-5 high build

Your label should not only be seen, but also felt. Incorporate the use of tactile varnishes to add another layer of interest to help your brand stand out.

Engage all your customer's senses by adding a third dimension to your label. The stunning visual and tactile presence of High-Build and Super High-Build screens can help provide an extra touch of luxury to your label. 

For years, High-Build screens have been available to add an extra tactile element to labels. Recently, due to a new innovation in screen printing technology, Super High-Build are also available. They are approximately twice the height of a standard High-Build, achieving an even more pronounced effect. 

Key Features

  • Tactile effect
  • High-end look
  • Shelf differentiation

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