Smart Labels

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Today's consumers live in a rapidly digital world that is seamlessly integrating into everyday life. The consumer desire for convenience, as well as immersive consumption experiences, has driven rapid technological change across the FMCG, retail, and food service landscapes. In turn, consumer needs and expectations are evolving, and brands are now embracing the latest digital technology to cater to these newfound behaviors and expectations.

What do Smart Labels mean?

  • Product activation to make them digital (IoT).
  • Data collection to allow Brand Owners to control their supply chain (grey market activities) and better understand the dynamics of their market (business intelligence).
  • Possibility for Brand Owners to exchange data with their prospects and clients (On Trade / Off Trade / Home) in one-to-one communication.
  • Possibility for consumers to interact with the product and get more out of it.

Smart Labels can be broken down into two categories:

  • Interactive - how you connect with the consumer via your packaging such as Augmented Reality, NFC and Printed Electronics
  • Track and Trace - supply chain management such as Digimarc, EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) tags and RFID

Key Features

  • Real-time promotion management
  • Brand and product loyalty
  • Digitally extended label
  • Expiry date control
  • Extended data management possibilities
  • Personalization for every single product
  • Direct communication with the end-customer

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