Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper proof security labels tailored to your package

Protect your product so it can’t be altered or replaced

Tamper evident labels always leave visible evidence of tampering, which protects your product from counterfeiting. Tamper evident labels can be combined with overt and covert security features, including security ink or encrypted smart solutions.

Types of tamper evident labels:

Destructible substrates

Destructible labels cause cracking and a multiple chipping effect, leaving behind the evidence of tampering. These tamper evident destructible labels are ideal for use when you need to prevent undetected access to electronic equipment, appliances, computers or machinery repairs.

Custom-made and digital printed destructible labels are perfect for use as warning labels, security labels or caution labels. Once applied, these permanent adhesive labels cannot be removed in one piece, providing a strong deterrent to counterfeiting.

Void labels

Once a void label is removed it separates from the surface to which it has been applied. On the surface you’re able to display a message that makes it evident the peeling has been removed. A void label contains a customized pattern.

Key features

  • Strong adhesion and excellent flexibility on different surfaces
  • Brand authentication
  • Indication of shelf life and durability
  • Tailored to your packaging and brand

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