3 Megatrends Impacting Home Care & Laundry

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Register for our webinar on December 8th to set your brand up for success in 2021!

With consumer behavior patterns changing rapidly, we want to keep you up to date on the latest Megatrends Impacting Home Care & Laundry. The 3 megatrends we have defined for our webinar are as follows: COVID-19, Sustainability and Premiumization.  By attending this webinar, your brand will be set up for success in 2021.

With decades of practical and technical experience, this webinar will be led by the following guests: 

  • Darren Priebe, Executive Vice President of Global Sales - CPG at MCC
  • Stijn Billiet, Global Director of Sustainability at MCC
  • Kevin Woods, Director of Sales, Home Care at MCC

Register for the webinar in your time zone:

North America & Europe

Australia, New Zealand & Asia


3 Reasons to join this webinar:

  1. Keep your brand up to date with the latest consumer preferences, explained by home care & laundry experts
  2. Become inspired by customers who incorporated these megatrends into successful brand stories
  3. Get the opportunity to have:
    1. A free Home Care & Laundry LabelTalk magazine mailed to you. This magazine includes real label samples and success stories in the industry!
    2. A free Sustainability Roadmap magazine mailed to you. This magazine will give you the tools necessary to make your brand “green” and hit your sustainability goals.

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