Flexography: a solution that is compatible with many different label upgrades


Flexography, also known as ‘flexo’, is a printing process that employs the use of pliable relief or raised image plates. As opposed to the rotogravure printing process (known today as ‘gravure’), which utilizes etched metal cylinders, flexo label printing uses rubber or polymer plastic plates; thus flexo plates are both more flexible and less expensive to produce than gravure’s rigid metal tubes.

Flexo can be used to print on almost any substrate, whether paper products, metallic or holographic films and foils, or any type of plastic. Companies often use Flexo to print large areas with solid colors. Another reason flexo is so widely used is that it adapts well to both irregular repeat lengths and to a comprehensive array of ink.

Key Features

  • Combination printing
  • Multiple substrates
  • Versatility
  • In-line converting
  • Accommodates a variety of ink types
  • Production speed
  • Excellent for solid color printing 

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