Reach your packaging sustainability goals

Sustainability webinar

Webinar: Latest update on our innovative label solutions

Reach your packaging sustainability goals

Join us on this webinar on March 3rd to get an update on our latest innovative sustainable label solutions. Learn how labels can play a role with regards to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. A specific focus will be on recycled content in labels, labels designed for reuse and recyclable solutions for HDPE.

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Three reasons to join this webinar: 

  • Learn how labels can help you reach your packaging sustainability goals
  • Get an update on our innovative sustainable label solutions
  • Be inspired by customer success stories from around the globe 

Our Research & Development team is constantly searching for innovations that meet today's sustainability needs. We continue to innovate, to develop sustainable solutions across all packaging categories. We have made it a priority and a focus for our development to work on the next generation materials for each category.

Join a panel of MCC experts to learn more about today’s consumer landscape and how digital print’s capabilities can help support your brand:

  • Stijn Billiet, Global Director Sustainability at MCC
  • Craig Bushman, Vice president Global Research & Development at MCC
  • Jim Defife, Vice president PSL Materials Technical

Each innovation starts with a dialogue with the customer, to fully understand which goal they try to reach. Our main questions is always: what is the optimum label solution that is also going to provide the most sustainable solution?"

Craig Bushman, Vice president Global Research & Development at MCC

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