Recording: The Power of Packaging: Labels to drive engagement


Recording: The Power of Packaging: Labels to drive engagement

In a crowded market place, making the consumer connection and enhancing their brand experience is essential.

It’s a well-known fact that a brand has a small timeframe (less than 8 seconds!) to attract a consumer before they focus their attention elsewhere. Packaging, including labels is often the first interaction a brand has with its consumer.

Join this Expert Talk to discover the various ways you can use your label as a promotional vehicle to really excite and engage your audience.

Experts joining the Expert Talk include:

  • Richard Gilliatt, Technical Director at MCC

  • Special Guest: Monique Cohen, Global Content and Creative Manager at Hewlett Packard

  • Special Guest: Deva Rangarajan, PhD, Professor of Marketing at IÉSEG School of Management in Paris

  • Special Guest: David Hack, Senior Account Executive at CTI

Louis Iovoli, Sales Rep at MCC, will be moderating this Expert Talk.


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