Stretch Sleeve

Image of the stretch sleeve solution being used on products

Stretch Sleeve

Discover unlimited branding opportunities with stretch sleeve's 100% recyclable solution
Image of the stretch sleeve solution being used on products

Stretch sleeve labels are cost effective and provide a large billboard area for branding to increase your marketing impact without increasing your budget. Our stretch sleeves fit packages ranging from 8 ounces to 55 gallons, ensuring our product fits your needs while providing 360 degrees of marketing surface.

Whether you're seeking a full body panel or multi-pack, our stretch sleeves are a low-cost packaging solution. With no adhesive or heat required for application, they are also a sustainable choice. For application, we offer automatic and semiautomatic application equipment models. Our models range in speed from 10 cpm to 150 cpm to provide the perfect machine to fit your needs. 

Available Markets

Stretch Sleeve is currently being used in the following markets. Select your market to be taken to the page suitable for your product. 

Key Features

  • 360° printable marketing area
  • Low production costs
  • Product resistance - label material keeps colors true
  • High-speed automatic or manual application 
  • 100% recyclable and uses no adhesive
  • Fits packages rom 8 oz. to 55 gallons 

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