Our Sustainability Strategy

Why do we care about Sustainability?

At MCC we CARE about a better tomorrow, today. This simple statement embodies what we do every day at MCC, we continuously strive for sustainable development that provides shared value and helps build a brighter future for all.

Stijn Billiet, Global Director Sustainability at MCC

Consistent with this objective, all of our daily processes to provide our customers with premium label solutions include an integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. At the heart of every MCC employee is the continued commitment to develop sustainable label products that meet the needs of our customers and partners within the value chain. Based on our corporate values of integrity, passion, creativity, perseverance and achievement, we describe here how we work towards this every single day.

What does CARE stand for?

  • "C" from Collaborate

At MCC we recognize that sustainability is a journey and not a destination. To embark on this voyage we engage with multiple stakeholder partners throughout the value chain who are aiming for a sustainable future. Only through open and constructive collaboration can we solve the issues that we are facing as an industry. Partnering with green companies and trade organizations who recognize our efforts helps us move forward. They keep us informed, and motivate us to commit ourselves to several sustainability goals.

  • "A" from Act

We also act ourselves to optimize our supply chain and production process. We do this by maintaining a continuous improvement approach in each facility globally, where our aim is to reduce energy and water usage, as well as implementing waste reduction strategies. By signing global pacts, we are demonstrating our commitment to minimizing environmental impact. The focus of this pacts is on four pillars: human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. By incorporating these principles into our strategy, policies and procedures, we are upholding our basic responsibilities to people and planet. All of this is supported by clear goals (both on company and site level) that are communicated and document openly.

  • "R" from Resolve

We want to be a sustainable partner for our customers, with a major focus on the development of sustainable label solutions. For this, our Research & Development team is constantly searching for label upgrades that meet today’s sustainability needs. Each label upgrade starts with a dialogue with the customer - to fully understand which goal they are trying to reach – and the reclaimers – to ensure the end of life. Our main question is always: what is the optimum label solution for our customers, that is also going to provide the most sustainable solution? We continue to innovate and develop sustainable solutions across all packaging categories. We have made it a priority and a focus for our development to work on the next generation materials for each category.

  • "E" from Engage

At the core of our business are the people that we encounter every day. We work hard to be the best possible employer to our workforce and a valued partner to our communities. MCC fosters an inclusive, safe and giving environment so our employees are fully engaged in ensuring a brighter tomorrow.

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