Sustainable Label Solutions

Sustainable Label Solutions

Sustainable label solutions

Sustainable Label Solutions

Label upgrades that meet today's sustainability needs

At MCC, our research & development team is constantly searching for label upgrades that meet today's sustainability needs. In order to address the needs of your brand we follow a specific framework that ensures we are providing the right solution for your brand:

  1. A dialogue to understand the goal you are trying to reach with your label or packaging
  2. Review our options or sustainable label solutions and select the ones that are the best fit for your brand
  3. If what you are trying to accomplish doesn’t align with our current offering, we don’t stop there. We will work to develop a solution for you and always strive to innovate

This is something that sets us apart because we never stop developing solutions, and you can count on us to help solve your problems and sustainability needs.

Our main question is always: what is the optimum label solution for our customers that is also going to provide the most sustainable solution?"

Dr. Craig Bushman, VP Research & Development at MCC

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