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Forward Drinking Premium Spirits Label Design Pays Homage to Australia’s Roots

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Forward Drinking is a recently established not-for-profit spirit producer focused on creating small-batch beverages. They are committed to encouraging forward thinking attitudes by addressing important societal, cultural and environmental issues in Australia, and they work to fund like-minded organizations.


When launching their first product, a uniquely crafted Kakadu Plum Wine, Forward Drinking sought us out for our deep labelling expertise and ever-growing environmental credentials.

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Patrick Farrell, based out of MCC Victoria, worked closely with Forward Drinking founder Luke Date to select a sustainable material from our extensive environmental materials portfolio. Luke was drawn to our crisp, white Clarence stock with its textured felt finish. This premium material is FSC® Chain of Custody certified, features 30 per cent post-consumer waste and is Green Seal certified. The eco-properties of the Clarence material strongly align with Forward Drinking’s values, making it the ideal material choice for their project.

Forward Drinking’s mission is to honor the nation’s native resources, re-establish a connection with the land and work to better support its original inhabitants. As such they commissioned indigenous artist Loretta Egan to create an artwork for the label. Luke then sought advice on how best to integrate the art into the label design.

We had recently printed a range of double-sided spirits labels and felt this would be an ideal template to follow for the Kakadu Plum Wine label, with Loretta’s artwork displayed on the inside and visible through the bottle.

Our production team engaged multiple passes through our digital printing capabilities, using both our HP Indigo presses and ABG Digicon technology to print the labels. Our HP Indigo digital presses are designed with the environment in mind with each subsequent press model using less energy and supplies per printed page than its predecessor. We print using HP Indigo Inks which are certified for both home and industrial compostability.

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