Helmsman’s New Luxurious Label for Rum Series Launch

After years of tolerating average rums that never quite hit the spot, Mike Brown and Andrew Antunovich decided to create the perfect drop themselves. Fast forward 18 months and the duo had crafted the very first Helmsman, one of the most appetizing spiced Caribbean rums to hit the New Zealand market.


Following the overwhelming success of their spiced rum, the gentlemen behind the award-winning label decided to rebrand Helmsman and launch a new series of rums. They sought inspiration from the designs, materials and aesthetics of other premium spirits labels. It was during this discovery that they encountered an American gin label design that appealed to their senses. They engaged We Are Society Creative Director, Peter Radich, to incorporate some of these design elements into Helmsman’s new look.

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For the White Rum label we selected a high build screen on the dark blue base background to ensure it had enough contrast whilst still achieving a tactile effect. High build application utilizes a fine silk screen mesh through which the ink or varnish is forced to build the height of the product on the surface of the label, creating an elevated, and usually glossy, effect.

The final two rums in the series will be the Gold and Black Rums. From our learnings, we will apply embossing to the Gold Rum’s white background and a high build to the Black Rum’s black background when production begins later in the year.


The new Helmsman labels are something special; eye catching on the shelf and texturally very appealing in the hand. The new branding has helped to reposition Helmsman as a premium player in the rum sector and we are excited to see the launch of their full range in the coming months.  

Bringing design to life through printing is very important to Helmsman Rum. On a shelf amongst a sea of bottles your label can easily to get lost. The team understood the challenges and executed something pretty special for us. We love the personal attention they give, as well as the great service and delivery. MCC has always been able to take care of getting our orders to us in a timely fashion. We can’t say enough about the great customer service they provide.

Mike Brown, Chief Rum Runner

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