Webinar: Digital label printing 101

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Webinar: Digital Label Printing 101

Keep up with trends through digital print solutions

Do you want to keep up with today's rapidly changing consumer landscape?

Register for our webinar on Digital Label Printing 101 for Wine & Spirits on February 3rd. Learn how the digital print platform can help you keep up with the latest trends and achieve your brand’s supply chain goals.

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North & South America

Australia & New Zealand

Three reasons to join this webinar: 

  • Learn how digital print can provide quick turns, enabling you to get to market quickly 
  • Understand the wide range of embellishment options available, even for low order volumes
  • Be inspired by customer success stories from around the globe 

With the same impeccable level of quality as other print solutions, digital technology also allows for a wide range of unique embellishments, including individualization and variable data, even for low order volumes.

Join a panel of experts to learn more about today’s consumer landscape and how digital print’s capabilities can help support your brand:

  • David Pittman, Editor, Digital Labels & Packaging

  • Rachel Tzirin, Global Digital Sales Manager, MCC

  • Ruben Cervantes, Project Execution Leader, MCC

  • Moderated by Monica Royer, Marketing Project Manager, MCC

Today's consumers are dynamic, creative and agile. We are proud to offer solutions through our digital print platform that can respond to these needs, with both speed and innovation."

Rachel Tzirin, Global Sales Manager Digital Print at MCC

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