Color Management

Color Management

Color consistency, a vital branding element
Color Management

The way colors appear on shelf greatly contributes to consumer recognition of your brands and products. Discover how we produce the same desired color over and over again. 

Color consistency can make or break your brand image. In order to protect your brand, MCC offers its customers the following:

Global Servers

  • All our MCC sites have access to each other to transfer art files and spec information. Great for global brands that want to maintain their colors from country to country!

Spectrophotometer Readings

  • A modern device for measuring the intensity of light that captures and evaluates color. This device turns a color reading into a number - a science, rather than something that would be described subjectively - an art
  • MCC measures the Delta-E of every color to ensure there is never a visual color difference on shelf

Color Project Management

  • MCC has a team that works with you to make sure we mix the inks to achieve the exact color or colors you are looking for in your packaging.
  • MCC also offers press checks to customers that would like to visually see the color on their labels and make adjustments. MCC's team listens to feedback from the customer on hues, brightness, etc, then performs adjustments on press to achieve the customer's desired color, exactly as envisioned.

Key Features

  • Reaffirms the perception of quality
  • Improves recognition/recall in consumers
  • Differentiates you from competitors
  • Allows you to have the same branding from country to country
  • Precise color measurement allows for accurate labels over a large quantity of orders 
  • Obtain insights from Color Management Experts, solving your specific color inquiries.
  • Some brands require the label colors to sell the product (i.e. hair dye, nail polish, skin bronzers, etc). Color consistency is vital to accurately represent the product inside the packaging. Our experts make this an easy and seamless process to get the color you need!

As designers and brand owners know, color accuracy and consistency are the silent ambassadors of your brand. MCC recognizes the importance of accurate color and continues to invest in the latest technology and processes to protect our customers' brand image.

Drew Miller, Director Print Execution

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