Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Get a sneak peek of your label prior to production
Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping provides a product that mimics actual print production, giving the customer with a good indication of how a concept’s design elements will appear prior to actual production.

Rapid prototyping is an imaging and converting technology that produces high-quality prototypes on a variety of substrates, incorporating decorative foils, embossing and debossing, as well as simulated textures.

Using rapid prototyping is the perfect way to bring your ideas to life before they go into production. This solution is best for customers who want to see a physical rendition of their label design or multiple label designs prior to committing to an actual production run and purchasing dies and tooling. Using rapid prototyping enables you to have peace of mind in design decisions and execution.

Looking at a label on the computer screen is flat, it doesn’t come to life. Using rapid prototyping allowed us to put the label on an actual bottle and show the executive team our vision. It was a game changer, such an awesome tool! We’ll definitely consider using it any time we do a new brand. It’s well worth the investment.

-Ryan Johnson, Director of Marketing, King Estate Winery

Key Features

  • A rapid prototype can be utilized to measure design concept acceptance when conducting focus group studies or making product pre-sale presentation packaging ‘dummies’.
  • Test multiple versions to compare rendering in different media and embellishment techniques.
  • Confirm whether envisioned embellishments add value. Compare shelf design variations to further refine your design early on in the product development process.
  • Conduct consumer testing and obtain feedback.
  • Organize photo sessions to test your marketing materials.
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