Research & Development

Consumer-driven label innovation

From raw materials to finished goods, our in-house Research & Development team focuses on new product development and new market innovations that help build brands and drive sales.

Perhaps you are looking for a more sustainable solution or something fresh to increase shelf appeal. Our team of over 50 employees, dedicated to global R&D, work with you to find the best possible solution, regardless of the labelling technology.

Whether it be a recyclable label or a tamper evident construction, you can trust MCC to find the perfect solution thanks to our successful track record of delivering and executing large projects.

Our customer-oriented team of technical experts can guide you through the labelling portfolio to determine the best solution for your specific project. We can even offer collaborative innovation workshops.

As well as working on customer-defined projects MCC is dedicated to innovative developments, new to the world, to support primary packaging trends such as:

  • Sustainability
  • The circular economy
  • Embellishments
  • Smart packaging: AR, NFC, RFID

Key Features

  • Customer-driven developments
  • Innovation workshops to help you define the best solution for you
  • You can be confident thanks to our proven track record of innovative solutions
  • Our technical experts are dedicated to your project
  • Focused on concept to commercialization across a variety of platforms

Everyone on the R&D team is energized by the desire to help our customers solve their challenging problems. By listening attentively to the customer's needs and thinking creatively about the solutions we can provide, we deliver innovative product developments to the market. 

Craig Bushman, VP, Global Research and Development

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