Wine & Spiritis Folding Carton products

Folding Carton

Differentiate your brand packaging with folding cartons
Wine & Spiritis Folding Carton products

Folding Cartons help your brand stand out to consumers on the crowded retail shelf space. Maximize your brand's success with visually appealing, functional packaging that brings your product positioning to life.

Folding Cartons serve as an effective point-of-purchase display that enable your brand to shine during the consumer's first moment of truth. According to retail industry sources, about 70 percent of purchase decisions are made at the shelf. Special effects like registered hot stamping and embossing and debossing are just a few features that can be added to your folding cartons to enhance shelf appeal.

Effective Folding Cartons increase sales and repeat purchases through cost-effective branding. Differentiate your packaging on the shelf, while maintaining print consistency across multiple packaging and decoration formats to unify your brand presence and motivate shopper behavior.

Key Features

  • Drive the Dramatic Visual Impact of your packaging
  • Special Effects & Finishing Capabilities
  • Digital print options for prototyping and short-run commercial launches for test marketing
  • Speed-to-market strategies that allow cost-effective SKU development
  • Integrate On-/In-Pack Security and Promotional Labels, Coupons and Premiums for consumer engagement

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