Auro 2020, a picturesque label with a soul

Château Grand Boise produces red, white and rosé wines under the appellations Côtes de Provence Sainte Victoire and Côtes de Provence. The estate overlooks the Arc Valley and has a unique and unobstructed view on the Sainte-Victoire mountain. The vineyards, which lie between 300 and 640 metres above sea level, are surrounded by olive groves and forests in a truly balanced ecosystem. The estate boasts 90 plots of vines, cultivated through organic farming, on the side of the mountain where vines have been grown for centuries.

Image of Auro 2020, a picturesque label with a soul



Château Grand Boise was founded in 1610 and has a long history. Today, the winery is run by Ana Sofia and Jean Simonet. The estate not only has a history, but also a soul. 

Auro (meaning wind in Provençal) is a fruity, sulfur-free red wine made from Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. It is the result and blend of three young parcels at the top of the estate. 

The team at MCC Montagny was consulted to design this label, a task that required the full attention of the team. The printing of the visual was provided by the client and included an original work painted by Ana Sofia Simonet, the estate’s Events Manager. The team made numerous adjustments and tests to obtain an exact reproduction of the painting’s colors, particularly in terms of the green of the AURO brand. MCC Montagny therefore carried out a pre-stretching before the final validation by the client and recommended a screen-printed relief varnish to give brightness and relief to this label.