MCC recibe la medalla de plata en reconocimiento a nuestra calificación EcoVadis

Image of MCC recibe la medalla de plata en reconocimiento a nuestra calificación EcoVadis



Maldegem, Belgium, 24 August 2021 – Multi-Color Corporation (MCC), a global supplier of premium label solutions, has announced that it has been awarded the EcoVadis silver rating for its sustainability efforts. 

At MCC we CARE about a better tomorrow, today. This statement embodies what MCC does every day to ensure a better future for all. Based on their core values of integrity, passion, creativity, perseverance and achievement, the CARE vision describes how MCC works towards this every single day. The second pillar, ACT, describes how they optimize their supply chain and production process. MCC has set clear and ambitious goals for 2025 and are openly sharing a sustainability report and their external accreditations. 

EcoVadis is one of the world’s most comprehensive sustainability assessment tools, evaluating companies on social, ethical and environmental impacts. The used methodology is based on international sustainability standards (such as UNGC, ISO, GRI, etc.) and grades the efforts across four main pillars: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. 

In 2020, following the strong growth that the company experienced in the previous years, MCC determined that there was a need to create a structured sustainability roadmap and accelerate their own efforts. To strengthen this, they made the commitment to achieve a silver medal for EcoVadis by 2022. Today, MCC is very proud that they were able to reach this milestone one year earlier, combined with the biggest score increase ever for MCC! This was supported by a significant improvement in all four pillars, which shows that sustainability is at the core of their entire business. 

This is a big encouragement for the entire MCC family, as it clearly shows that the hard work done in the last year matters and moves the needle for the entire organization. This outcome only strengthens MCC’s mindset towards a better future. We care about a better tomorrow, and we will continue our push to do even better in the next year!” – Dr. Stijn Billiet, Global Director Sustainability at MCC