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Clayton, Dubilier & Rice is a private investment firm with a strategy predicated on building stronger, more profitable businesses. Since inception, CD&R has managed the investment of more than $35 billion in over 100 companies with an aggregate transaction value of more than $160 billion. The Firm has offices in New York and London. For more information, visit

Building Businesses

CD&R works to make companies grow and prosper. Often we partner with families, founders, or corporate owners. The vast majority of the value we create results from strong collaborations with management to spur operational performance improvements by accelerating growth strategies, injecting new talent, and boosting productivity. The Firm stands on a reputation for problem-solving, managing complex transactions, and always doing what we say we will do. 


The Way CD&R Adds Value

CD&R strives to enhance the value of each business it acquires by implementing a combination of long-term growth, productivity, capital efficiency, and strategic measures.

A critical element of investment success is reward-sharing, which is why we emphasize incentives that support alignment, including substantial equity ownership for our portfolio company management teams.


Engineering for the Future

CD&R’s pursuit of operational excellence encompasses a range of growth and margin expansion activities, including innovation initiatives that are critical to accelerating performance improvement. Across the portfolio, our businesses are applying digital tools and advanced analytics to step change commercial and operational processes to promote growth, productivity and quality.



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