Rapper Engages Followers to Help her Develop a Product that they Love!

Shirin David, the most successful German rapper artist and influencer is turning her hand to Iced Tea. In cooperation with Drinks & More GmbH & Co. KG, Shirin embarked upon the journey to develop the Dirtea range of flavorsome iced tea. The 5.8 million fans who follow Shirin David on Instagram alone have played an important role in the development of the iced tea brand. She has involved them throughout the journey, even asking her followers to vote for their preferred flavor.

The smart choice

Having worked with MCC on multiple projects, Krombacher approached account manager Marc Scherer to tap into his knowledge on aluminium Smart Top labels. Smart Top is made from soft tempered aluminum foil, designed for labeling onto the top of the beverage can. The labels offer dual benefits: protection for consumers and enhanced visibility on shelf.

Designed to maximize branding, this label offered the Dirtea team an additional promotional tool featuring Shirin David’s image. The Smart Top lids have become a prominent feature of the can, even evoking their tagline “Stay Safe, Drink Dirtea.”. This is because the foil lidding is a physical barrier, sealing off the surface intended for consumers to drink from until the moment of consumption. In her Youtube video Shirin David explains the hygienic benefits of the Dirtea Smart Top label to her avid followers.

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Recyclable packaging

The Smart Top label is pure monolayer aluminum foil with no additional functional lamination, making the whole package easily recyclable. Once finished, the consumer simply has to pop the lid inside the can and put it into the recycling bin. This was an important feature for the Drinks & More team and Shirin David even shares a video with her followers to explain the recycling process.

Printed to perfection

Printed in Hann Muenden using Rotogravure technology, the Smart Top labels went through a strict approval process. Shirin David was personally involved at each stage of production supported by her team from Drinks & More. They attended a press approval at the MCC Hann Muenden facility as well as receiving prototypes of the 3 labels, produced by MCC, for the team in Berlin.

The labels are printed onto 18micron aluminium with a partial de-embossing. It was crucial for sharp graphics and no wrinkling so that Shirin’s striking portrait image was in perfect condition.

Extra Dirtea

Even during the genesis of the ‘Dirtea’ brand, it was clear that the iced tea would not remain the only product in the “Dirtea” range for long. With “Extra Dirtea”, the brand is expanded to include the segment of ready-to-drink products consisting of two delicious flavours, enriched with refreshing carbonic acid. Due to the alcohol content of 5%, the product is only available from the age of 16 and is thus intended to expand the target group in addition to iced tea fans and appeal to those who like it a little “extra”.


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