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Simply Orange bottles

RecycLABEL® is a solution recognized by the APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers). It was created to make labels compatible with the PET recycling process. For recycLABEL® to be accepted as a qualified option for PET container recycling, the label construction needed to be submitted for Critical Guidance testing at PFE. The label technology must demonstrate that it passes all test requirements included in the critical guidance protocol to have a negligible impact on PET recycling.

The main performance indicators of recycLABEL® include:

• Adhesive releases cleanly from the PET

• Label material floats during the separation step

• Ink remains adhered to the label (no substantial discoloration of the wash water and residual ink removal does not stain the PET flake)


Multi-Color Corporation is unique in that it offers both pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve recycling compatible solutions for PET.

Key features

  • 100% recyclable

  • Available in clear and white films

  • Runs on existing application equipment, smooth transition from your current pressure sensitive labels

  • Premium and impactful look

  • Allows companies to have a positive impact on their environmental sustainability initiatives

RecycLABEL® PSL. Simply the Most Sustainable Choice

Simply Orange bottles

Coca-Cola chose to use recycLABEL® due to its impressive recycling capabilities.

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