Recycled Content

As well as initiatives to ensure that labels allow for clean recycling of non-contaminated containers MCC is working on a range of projects that integrate post-consumer recycled content into the labels themselves.

Recycled (PCR) cut stack paper

The raw material is 100% post-consumer waste paper, regionally collected and sorted. The fibre pulp is being produced while cleaning, sorting, deinking and bleaching magazine and newspaper waste. The paper CO2 footprint is around 20% less, compared to standard papers, produced from virgin wood fibres. As well as reusing the pulp within the supply chain we are reducing the need for virgin paper manufacturing.

Filmic liners with recycled content

MCC is working with supply chain partners to implement a self-adhesive label construction whereby the liner material includes  30% PCR. By using liner with 30% of content from Post Consumer Recyclate, we are both recycling used PET already within the supply chain and reducing the use of virgin PET.

PET Face stock with PCR content

A filmic face stock with up to 70% PCR PET content. The label face stock is PET and so can be considered as part of a mass balance approach with optimised bottle PET recycling achieved with RecycLABEL.

Key Features

  • Increased sustainability
  • 20% reduction in paper CO2 footprint
  • Recycling used PET already within the supply chain
  • Reducing the use of virgin PET

Gösser brand introduces MCC labels with 100% recycled paper content

Gösser lyfestile

“The quality convinces us and is particularly sustainable for the environment, as it allows us to preserve 1,000 trees per year.”

Magne Setnes, Chairman of the Management Board at Brau Union Österreich
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