Pressure sensitive label that easily detaches in the washing process

ThermoWash™ labels easily detach from bottles in the washing process consistent with traditional paper labels. This allows a new label to take advantage of the benefits of pressure sensitive, each and every bottle trip.

The challenge

Beverage manufacturers around the globe are rapidly converting to the graphic and performance benefits of pressure sensitive labels, but traditional constructions are not compatible with returnable bottle systems. Standard non-returnable (one-way) pressure sensitive substrates are designed to be recycled and do not release cleanly in the bottle washing process, causing efficiency and contamination issues.


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The solution

Offering the same graphic and performance benefits of traditional single-use, pressure sensitive labels, ThermoWash™ labels easily detach from the bottle under current industry conditions consistent with paper labels. The custom-designed adhesive ‘de-tackifies’ during the bottle washing process and the label adhesive and face stock remain in one piece, allowing for easy removal from the washer.



Key features

  • Utilizes all existing print methods and is available in white, metalized and clear constructions
  • Graphic can be surface or subsurface printed and inkjet and laser coding are also possible
  • Provides acceptable caustic pollution levels
  • Testing against DIN method 16524-7 INCO 69
  • Ink and adhesive remain attached to the label substrate through the entire label removal process
Heineken F1 bottles

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