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In response to the ever-changing nature of the packaging industry, we are constantly seeking ways to translate market needs into new products that provide business advantages to our customers. We’ve leveraged our knowledge and global resources to develop a line of thinner film label options to meet the sustainability challenges our customers are facing. As more brand owners look for opportunities to advance their scorecard goals, they’ve also shifted their sustainability focus to a critical, core element of their packaging: labels.

Most pressure sensitive labels—a popular choice for consumer products —are made almost entirely from fossil fuels. As a result, the label’s weight, materials, and thickness all directly coincide with the package’s transportation costs, energy consumption, waste, and emissions. As brand owners invest in sustainable solutions for containers and bottles, they will also need to invest in thinner, lighter and more environmentally-friendly label options to reduce their environmental footprints. Thin film label face stocks for pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels reduce your carbon footprint. Thin film can reduce decoration weight by as much as 36 percent.

Key features


Thinner films allow for an increased label count of labels per roll, reducing transportation and packaging costs. The increased label count per roll allows for less downtime and consequently a reduction in production costs on labeling lines for roll changes.


The thin film options we propose have been proven to perform well during our converting process and have been application tested on the most commonly used label application equipment.


Labels are produced using a variety of printing processes with a varnish, laminate, or UV coating in roll form. They are then shipped to blow molders, contract decorators, or end-users, where they are removed from their liners and transferred to the container where pressure is applied to ensure good adhesion.

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