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Danone Takes Another Step on the Sustainability Journey

Danone’s Yogi Sip has grown over the years to become the largest drinking yogurt brand in South Africa. To capture consumer attention, Danone launched a Summer campaign that included a range of limited edition bottles with a chance to instantly win prizes

Tear, enter, win!

To further motivate the consumer to separate and recycle the sleeve and bottle, a unique code was printed on the reverse side of the sleeve. The unique code offers the consumer entry into a competition to win a car. Placement of this code was critical, as the codes could not be placed in high shrink areas. MCC’s technical team undertook numerous trials and Danone approved the position and legibility of the codes post the shrink process. With the success in starting to educate the consumer to recycle, Danone has requested that all future shrink sleeve labels have a double lane perforation strip with removal instructions.

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