Matte IML & UltraGloss IML

Two lacquer options to elevate your package's look & feel

Looking to create packaging that jumps off the shelf? 

Combine the ultra-glossy effect of UltraGloss IML with the unique look of Matte IML.

Matte IML and UltraGloss IML both offer you a wide range of possibilities to elevate the look & feel of your packaging.

Matte IML is an IML label that gives your packaging a matte, natural look.

With an UltraGloss IML label, the packaging has a high-gloss finish, increasing the intensity of the colors. 

Key Features

  • Stands out on store shelves
  • Highlight details: combine both Matte & UltraGloss IML
  • Premiumize your product with UltraGloss IML
  • Give your product a vintage look with Matte IML
  • Combine Matt IML with a paperlook design to achieve the look & feel of paper, 100% recyclable

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