Metallic IML

Enhance your brand with shine and luster

Brand identity is the key to success. You only get a few seconds to persuade the consumer to pick your product from the shelf. And packaging is all about getting the customer’s attention.

Thanks to our different Metallic IML options, we offer new and exciting ways to do this. Stand out from your competitors by using design to its fullest potential!

Eye-catching designs with Metallic IML features help your package to reflect a premium luxury high end product, differentiating in look & feel from your competitors. What's more, Metallic IML brings an easy solution to fight counterfeiting.

We distinguish 4 technical options:

Metallic IMLFOIL

The main premium metallic look created by the application of a very thin layer of cold foil. You can obtain a full range of metallic colors and effects by printing on this shiny foil with a silver appearance.


Within its own color range, Pantone also applies with premium metallic colors.

Metallic IMLINK

Similar to Metallic IMLFOIL, with the difference that the thin layer of silver is printed with a special silver ink.

PreMetallised IML

A fully metallized film to print on, which requires more precise machine settings for electrostatic charging of the labels

Key features

  • Catch the customer's attention in the supermarket aisle
  • Preserve a metallic look, when changing from metal packaging to plastics
  • Give your product a very high-end quality look
  • Fight counterfeiting

See an example of Metallic IML in our LabelTalk Food & Dairy magazine

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