Resin Labels

A unique - ‘not just a label’ label 

Imagine a very sophisticated wax seal, which can be produced in different sizes, colors and formats. That’s our unique resin label. Be creative, let your imagination run wild and anything is possible. This is your opportunity to enhance and add value to your packaging.

Resin labels add an undeniable look of luxury to your packaging. The heightened embossed elements make the label look and feel like a pressed wax seal. Opting for the clear resin label offers the opportunity of making your bottles look like custom embossed glass, but for a fraction of the price. In addition to driving value perception and providing heightened shelf presence, it is important to note that these labels are also water resistant and durable.

Key Features

  • Premiumization, high-end label
  • Stands out on the shelf
  • Unique product, unique quality 
  • Available in all formats and colors

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Resin folgers

Not only is the doming approach for wax resin labels attractive, it provides tactile, sensory interaction for the consumer. It's something we have been working on recently at MCC, adding even more tactility in various ways. Wax resin labels take it to the

Craig Bushman, Vice President Global R&D at Multi-Color

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