SuperClear IML

When shopping for groceries, the consumer is being driven by the look of the product. This is why attractive packaging is essential. When the consumer can see the actual product through the packaging, that is even better.  

In anticipation of this, SuperClear IML makes it possible to have sections of the IML label without any lacquer or artwork. These transparent areas make it look as if there is no IML label at all on those areas.

This technique enables you to:

  • create a number of different IML looks with a single dieline. If the brand owner wants a label with a different shape, there are no longer costs involved for the rebuilt of the IML-robot. He/she can simply choose to locate the artwork differently, and leave parts of the label clear, as if there wasn’t any label in those areas.
  • create the idea of a floating label. This is a label that only covers the top part of the packaging with artwork and lacquer. Executing this technique with a white label is challenging and sometimes even impossible. By only covering the top part of the label with actual artwork, it seems as if the label is floating. In practice though, the label is being injected on the bottom of the IML step, which allows it to be injected to perfection.

Key features

  • Super transparent windows – no label look
  • High flexibility without changeover time or costs
  • Possibility of “floating” label
  • Show off your product

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