2-Ply In-Mold Label

A cost-effective way to fit more information on your in-mold label

Can't fit all your information on your in-mold label?

Our 2-ply construction gives you all the space you need!

By devoting more space to graphics and ad copy, the 'billboard' that sells the product is no-longer crowded out by legal, regulatory, or other product use information

As regulatory requirements and product complexity evolve, the need to provide more information is critical. Multi-Color Corporation's 2-Ply In-Mold Label innovation leaves you more space for:

  • Additional languages
  • Cross-selling
  • Instructions
  • Regulatory/legal information
  • Safety information
  • Social media presence
  • Marketing copy
  • Branding graphics
  • Ingredients
  • Security features

Key Features

  • No secondary application required
  • Easy transition for current IML users
  • Eliminates the need for a back label.
  • Reduced packaging costs

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