Barrier IML

The IML solution that guarantees exceptional storage qualities
barrier iml

Barrier IML is one of the techniques used to produce plastic packaging with a barrier function. The purpose of this is to form a barrier between the contents of the packaging and anything harmful from the external environment that may affect the contents, using a multi-layered IML film.

With minimal investment, you can transform your existing packaging to Barrier IML packaging.

There are two types of IML labels with a barrier function: oxygen barrier IML labels and light barrier IML labels. In addition to retaining the color of the product and providing an alternative to glass, preserves and aluminum packaging, these two options have their own specialization. 

Oxygen barrier IML 

An oxygen barrier IML label label reduces the oxygen permeability of IML packaging using an EVOH layer in the IML film. The OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) of packaging with an oxygen barrier IML label can be reduced by up to 100 times compared with packaging featuring a standard IML label. The main advantage of the barrier function is that it helps retain the taste and aroma of your product.

Light barrier IML

Certain food products are sensitive to light. A light barrier IML label protects the contents of your packaging from sunlight and/or UV light. There are 2 types of light barrier IML labels:

  • The first type has a UV light barrier (100-380 nM) with transmission less than 1%.
  • The opacity of the second type is > 99% with transmission (100-780 nM) less than 1%. 

The main feature of this technology is that it helps to extend the shelf life of your products.


Key Features

Barrier IML simplifies the production process considerably:

  • The packaging is produced and decorated in one step.
  • Storage of unmarked packaging becomes unnecessary - storage and transportation costs are a thing of the past.
  • The result is a decrease in energy consumption and fewer CO2 emissions.
  • Extended shelf life for your products
Clover Cream O'Naise

Read about Barrier IML innovation our Cream O'Naise case

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