Interactive IML

Empowering packaging during every stage of the packaging journey

Interactive IML labels are IML labels enhanced with a Digimarc Barcode, transforming the package into intelligent packaging and offering added value in all stages of the packaging journey. This powerful label technology offers great benefits for packaging converters, distributors, brand owners, retailers as well as consumers. The imperceptible Digimarc Barcode makes interactivity technically possible. The endless potential of messaging, engagement and data collection is supported by Talkin’ Things’ technology. Interactive IML packaging is 100% recyclable.

Key features

  • AR marketing messages to boost consumer engagement and interaction
  • Big data through consumer information
  • 20% faster check-out in stores
  • Higher production efficiency: anti-mixing
  • Digital recycling passport making future hyper-sorting possible (HolyGrail2.0 proof, under development)

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