Peelable IML

Extend the use of your label (and packaging)
peelable iml

Stimulate reuse 

Consumers easily remove Peelable IML labels from the packaging. This leaves them with  a neutral packaging item, which can be reused as a storage box for instance.

User-friendly marketing promotions

A peelable label is also an elegant solution in marketing campaigns involving competition points or discount vouchers. Consumers no longer need to cut the packaging into pieces or fiddle around trying to remove a paper label. A peelable label is a very user-friendly alternative. Making it even easier to peel the label from the packaging we provide a lip that the consumer can use to remove the label.

Double the fun, double the info

Combined with DoubleSided IML, your Peelable IML label can be used to put additional product information on the back, or a fun game to play.

Key Features

  • Completely or partially removable label
  • Easy to tear off
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Reusable, neutral packaging

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