Reverse IML

A versatile, durable and sustainable label for your reusable product

Reverse IML offers many advantages, both environmentally and in terms of sustainability, and is easy to combine with various attractive ‘look and feel’ options.

The printing of a Reverse IML label is found between the PP film and the IML packaging, which significantly increases the label's durability. Reverse IML is the ideal choice for products that will be used over and over and over again. Did someone say 'sustainability'?

Reverse IML has numerous functional features: it is scratch resistant and dishwasher proof, it can withstand high-pressure cleaning, heat and chemicals, and it is odorless etc. And on top of that, the label allows endless look & feel possibilities: super clear effect, ultra gloss, soft touch matte, and so on.  

Key Features

  • Reusable
  • Extremely durable
  • Dishwasher proof & scratch-resistant
  • Pasteurization & sterilization proof
  • Numerous look & feel options

Want to learn how Reverse IML can help with sustainability?

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