Multiple duplicate QR codes embedded throughout the entire label

The ability to track and trace your product through more information than ever before

Digimarc barcodes give a label a digital identity, allowing it to provide expanded product information or tell a story. The code tile itself is created by subtly modulating the pixels in the artwork design, at a very low level - there’s no structure to it, like an EAN or QR code, that can be seen or noticed by human perception. But computing devices with a camera (not just smartphones, but front-of-store scanners, machine vision on a manufacturing line) are able to detect it and extract the data.

As well as the data in the tile, there is also a pointer to the cloud, where there can be a tremendous amount of extra data associated with the product. The tile is replicated everywhere in the artwork, so on a label, there might be 300 tiles in total on all sides. A unique feature is that the system doesn’t even need a single, complete tile for discovery.


Key features

  • GTN code and the serial number enable brands to display and analyze more data than a standard bar code 
  • Can be a static or variable QR code for each product

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