90th anniversary celebration GEWA at MCC Bingen

Image of 90th anniversary celebration GEWA at MCC Bingen



2022 has kicked off to a grand start for MCC Bingen in Germany. Not only have we united our two plants in one brand-new, highly modern premises, but on 11th March, we were finally able to celebrate 90 years of Printing History.

Since the birth of GEWA In 1931, 90 years and much water has passed under the bridge, many changes both on an executive level as well as in size, market and modernisation have been made. The founders, Heinrich & Franz Walter began their book printing business in a building not much bigger than a garden shed and delivered their faire at the time with a bicycle.

Peter J. Kornfeld, Managing Director of the MCC Plant in Bingen since the 2nd of January 2020, was honoured to welcome both Mr. Heinz Walter and his son, Mr. Matthias Walter to the birthday celebrations. These took place with all our employees in the great production hall in Bingen. Matthias, who has also invested most of his own professional life into the family business, was one of the last working Walter Family members before the MCC take-over 2017.

Mr. Kornfeld `s opening speach hailed not only the Walter family past and present, but spoke of future plans, necessary targets and quite rightly, gave praise to his Bingen Team for their good efforts and performance.

Also during the event and in line with the MCC global campaign, we too collected donations for Ukrainian refugees, raising a respectable sum which was then doubled by MCC Bingen and will be passed on to the named support organisation.

The celebrations were, ofcourse, rounded off perfectly with a catering service worthy of the event, local wines and beverages – for which our Unesco World Heritage Middle Rhine Region is famous. This fact, among many others, is always a good reason for a visit to our Region, so we very much look forward to welcoming you personally and wish MCC employees worldwide from Bingen in Germany, a healthy and prosperous future!