CDP: Management level for Climate Change and Water

Image of CDP: Management level for Climate Change and Water



In order to provide all of our stakeholders with key information and data on the impact caused by products, services and businesses; MCC is openly sharing a sustainability report and our external accreditations.

This enables us to be transparent about the risks and opportunities we, as a company, are facing. Transparency does not only refer to our own communication, but also to reporting via internationally recognized sustainability platforms.

Carbon Disclosure Project

To disclose our environmental impact, MCC is responding to CDP, one of the most comprehensive and internationally recognized sustainability reporting platforms. CDP, an international non-profit organization, provides investors with a clear view on how sustainability is incorporated into the business strategy and practices.

Companies that disclose to CDP are scored using letter grades A to D-, and different scores are provided for each focus area (climate change, water, and forests). The scores itself are calculated using questionnaire responses.

Management level (B-) for Climate Change and Water

As part of our structured Sustainability Roadmap, we set ourselves goals for CDP scoring as well. MCC started in 2018 with responding to the climate change and water questionnaires, leading to awareness and disclosures scores. We are happy to announce that we received our 2021 scores and for both categories we achieved the management (B-) level (one year earlier then our goal)!

This significant improvement is a tribute to the work done by all MCC employees in the last year and shows that sustainability is at the core of the entire business.

Awareness level (C) for Forests

As part of our CDP annual submission, we are now including the forest questionnaire as well. For 2021 this gave us an awareness (C) score, a good starting point to build on in the future. But we are not done yet! We care about a better tomorrow, and we will continue our push to do even better in the next year!