April 14th, 2021

The MCC road to sustainable success: update on our goals

  • Sustainability
Sustainability goals update 2021
  • 6% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions!

For our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions we were able to reduce this by as much as 6%! The bulk of this improvement can be found in our improved efficiency, more specifically where we consolidated some operations.

  • 8% reduction in our water usage!

Water is essential for our planet, our people and our business. For MCC, water is critical for the manufacturing of our products (in the form of cooling our printing presses) but that doesn’t hold us back to actively work on reducing the use of water in all of our processes. With this clear focus in mind, we are very proud of the 8% improvement we achieved during 2020.

  • No improvement in our waste to landfill goal for 2020.

Unfortunately, no progress has been achieved in our waste management in 2020. Of course, this remains one of our objectives so we are committed to making additional efforts here. Several dedicated projects have been set up to ensure that we can make up for this in the coming year. The first results in 2021 already show that we are moving the needle to where we would like to be.

This outcome only strengthens MCC's mindset towards a better future. We care about a better tomorrow and our work starts today!


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