Team Bingen; an Energy Producing and Heat Recycling Community

Image of Team Bingen; an Energy Producing and Heat Recycling Community



2022 marks a milestone for MCC in Bingen. The Wine & Spirits site recently moved to a new location and better still, to a completely new and modern building. A common focus throughout the new site is Sustainability. From renewable energy to recycling, initiatives have been developed in great detail, to serve both our plant and the Bingen-based region.

A Community with a Future

The protection of our environment is just one part of our three-pillared sustainability policy. We strive to do everything in our power to not only protect, but also contribute to the environment, incorporating both sustainable alternatives and initiatives.

We Shine with Solar Power

We obtain 40% of our electricity for the plant through Solar Power, the necessary panels having been installed on our entire roof space. Bingen might not be Ibiza nor is it Mexico but even so, every single ray of beautiful Bingen sunshine is captured and saved.  

Energy Efficiency

It`s not only our employees who are warm-hearted and energetic. Our machines generate a lot of heat too, for example in the UV lighting on the printing presses. This heat is then collected and used for inside temperature regulation, not only for warmth, but also for the building’s air conditioning.

DGNB: Energy Efficient Construction Certificate 

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) has developed its own certification system making Sustainable Development measurable and comparable in practice.

Our new premises has already been nominated for the DGNB Gold Standard with the ongoing audit currently taking place. We look forward to announcing the result as soon as possible, so “watch this space”!

Further initiatives at our new MCC site in Bingen include E-Mobility charging stations on our Parking-Lot, Energy-Saving LED lighting and ongoing testing of more sustainable and environment-friendly substrates. Our goal: further reduction of our Ecological Footprint.