Rhonda Allison lip gloss cartons

Premium Folding Cartons for a New Lip Gloss Line

Rhonda Allison lip gloss cartons
Meet Rhonda Allison, makers of pure, quality skincare products. Years in the making, the team at Rhonda Allison had been developing an extension of their lip gloss line, IllumiColour. When COVID hit, production was put on pause, and they used that as an opportunity to seek a packaging partner that could help them bring this product to market - specifically with custom, quality folding cartons.

When it came to packaging design, our team gathered all the input and got to work immediately on CAD samples. Sending the samples out to Rhonda Allison’s team allowed them to make design decisions quickly and effectively from the start.

Want to get technical? The ultimate end product included foil stamping and embellishments and was printed (in-house) with a litho-printed carton solution on 18 pt boardstock.

Overall, the production process and timeline fit well within the expectations, allowing a faster speed to market than previously achieved before we got involved.



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This has been an exciting collaboration. Starting off with COVID challenges outside of our control, it made launching a product seem overwhelming and scary for our customers. But our MCC team was determined to make this collaboration a success from day 1 and we're certain our quality cartons came through for Rhonda Allison's team. 

-Kim Starr, Senior Account Executive @ MCC Label

What were the quick wins delivered?

  • Faster speed to market
  • High quality printing
  • Improved overall cost
  • Dedicated support

Our mutual commitment to quality

We’re proud to partner with Rhonda Allison on this project, and commend them for the care they put into their packaging. Read more about their packaging efforts and explore their products here.

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