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ThermoWash™ PSL for LOOP Applications

These pressure sensitive labels (PSL) are engineered especially for returnable glass containers, which could be applied for lots of personal care & beauty products. Printed on MCC’s in-house clear film wash-off material, the single use labels easily detach from bottles/containers in the washer.

The solution

ThermoWash™ label construction designed to separate from returnable glass containers in their industrial dish washer. This solution is validated by Loop. Clean wash off is achieved in a few seconds based on wash temperature and washer flowrate. The label and adhesive remove cleanly from glass leaving no residue.ThermoWash™ label construction designed for separating returnable glass containers in their industrial dishwasher. This solution has been validated by Loop. The label is washed-off in a few seconds, depending on the washing temperature and flow rate of the washer. The label and adhesive are removed cleanly from the glass, leaving no residue.


ThermoWashTM labels are a key component in the MCC sustainability portfolio. Significant objectives for many of our personal care & beauty customers include reducing the carbon footprint. Enabling the reuse of glass bottles is one way to achieve this.”

- Richard Gilliat, Technical Director at MCC

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