POP Display

An influential tool to encourage purchase in retail stores

A POP (point-of-purchase) display is marketing material or advertising used to promote a product at a retail store. It can be as simple as a sign, or as complex as a display carton/shelf. It could include a ‘shelf talker’, which is an adhesive label stuck to the end of the shelf to draw attention as the customer walks down the aisle of a grocery store. Another example of a POP display would be a full marketing-branded shelf on which the products are merchandised. 

In the past, POP displays were only seen on end caps of store aisles, and checkout lanes. They have since gained popularity and are now positioned in all kinds of areas throughout stores. 

Key Features

  • Great way to draw attention to your products in high-traffic areas of the store, like end caps, etc.
  • Additional marketing space to communicate promotions, product features, etc.
  • Many different sizes and construction types are available to present your product in the best way possible

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