100% Natural. 100% Sustainable.

Quézac is a French sparkling mineral water originating in the Cévennes-Causses region owned by the family run Ogeu group. The bottling plant is located near to a small village which bestowed its name, Quézac in middle of Cévennes national park.

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100% Natural

Quézac mineral water is drawn from a depth of almost 110 metres, from the preserved heart of the rocks of the Lozère. The purity of the water carries through into the product’s branding and philosophy to preserve the nature that gives it life.

With this in mind, Ogeu challenged MCC to a more sustainable labeling solution than the existing paper labels, with a story that could be communicated behind.

100% Recycled

MCC proposed to print the labels on a 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The challenge was that the paper was only tested in very small scale beforehand, coupled with Ogeu’s time constraints on this new product launch.

MCC rose to the challenge using 100% recycled wet strength paper with 6 colors and no varnish. Following a successful launch, all paper labels have now been switched to the recycled paper.

The components of Quézac mineral water bottles and their corks are 100% recyclable. Printed with vegetable-based inks on recycled paper, our labels also contribute to a virtuous circle for the preservation of the environment.