Aguas de Cabreiroá choose to reuse with wash-off labels

Aguas de Cabreiroá is a natural mineral water from Galicia, owned by the Hijos de Rivera Company. In recent years, the company has made significant investments to modernize and promote the bottling plant as well as to protect the perimeter of the spring while preserving natural resources to the maximum.

Image of Aguas de Cabreiroá choose to reuse with wash-off labels



Sustainability and positive environmental impact is deep-rooted into the brand’s philosophy. Cabreiroá Proyecto Origen is a program based on three nature-friendly initiatives that seek to generate a positive impact on the planet and society, promoting the circular economy:

  • Carbon neutral spring
  • Environmental activism
  • Eco Containers

Eco Containers

Packaging innovation is focused on bottling the water with materials that promote circularity. Glass has proven to be one of the most environmentally friendly packaging choices. Glass is returnable and reusable an indeterminate number of times.

Our purpose as a Brand is to generate a positive impact in our environment, which is why we have products that employ reuse and recycling to create a closed-loop system, minimizing the use of resource inputs and aim for the elimination of wastes, in order to sustain a circular economy.”

Anna Cherchi, Brand Manager Aguas at HIJOS DE RIVERA S.A.U.

The objective of the label is not only to function on returnable and reusable glass bottles, but also to promote this fact. It also needs to communicate that Cabreiroá are participating in a project that supports reforestation.

A twofold solution

Printed on clear film wash-off material, the single use ThermoWash™ labels easily detach from bottles in the washer. These pressure sensitive labels (PSL) are engineered especially for returnable glass containers.

In order to communicate the brand’s sustainability initiatives, the label design features a forest scene. Cleverly using a set of two labels, the front are printed with three variable images of activities. The back labels are then double-side printed. Double-sided printing provides full graphics on both the front and backside of a label, showing the striking forest imagery through backside of the bottle.

MCC helped us achieve our goals on two levels. Producing the labels with an excellent quality and high standard, but also proposing more sustainable materials, with less GHG emissions and proposing innovation in a circular economy.”

Anna Cherchi, Brand Manager Aguas at HIJOS DE RIVERA S.A.U.